Zortook is an otherworldly being from the planet of Gchu, and serves as the leader of Zortook's Army

Physical Form Power Origin Weakness
Humanoid Natal Psychological Fatal Contact
Primary Attributes Secondary Attributes
Attributes Value Rank Attribute Value Rank
Fi 03 Poor Health 16
Ag 03 Poor Karma 80
St 05 Typical Resources 03 Poor
En 05 Typical Popularity 15 Good
Re 56 Fantastic
In 16 Excellent
Ps 08 Good
POWERS Talents
Type Name Value Rank Type Name Effect
Matter Control Molding Remarkable Science Electronics +1 creation/repair device
Other Tinkering/Repair +1 modifying/repairing object
Name Information


Originally Hailing from a far distant Galaxy, Zortook traveled the Universe after the demise of his people. He wandered alone for a time, watching each civilization he found for a time before moving on.

Until , that is, he stumbled onto Earth. Upon seeing the civilizations that had arisen on Earth, Zortook saw in it a reflection of his home, as it was but a few short years before its destruction. Zortook decided to adopt Earth as his new home, revealing his presence to the people of Earth.

After the initial bout of hysteria died down, he took residence in a small apartment overlooking the city of Aeon, and began to seek out heroes, trying to form an army to combat rising crime rates in the hopes of preventing a repeat of his own civilizations demise.

Unfortunately recruiting for an army requires more than just passing out fliers at the local mall, and Zortook now wonders what to do with the small handful of not exactly hero quality individuals he now has at his disposal.


Standing at roughly 4 1/2’ from head to toe, his orange tinted flesh and large bulbous cranium do nothing to help him to blend in with the rest of Aeon city’s populous, not that he cares to.

He’s typically straightforward and soft-spoken when he deals with others, and though he insists on fighting crime he is generally forgiving of any slight against him, he refuses to speak about his history or his people, telling any who ask only that it was “tragic.”

In his spare time Zortook enjoys jigsaw puzzles of all types, and though entirely capable of putting together even the most difficult of puzzles, his favorite, and the one that took him the longest to piece together, is a 16 piece toddler’s puzzle titled “Kitten’s Play Time.” after three weeks, he finally pieced it together, saying “My, I suppose it really is that simple.”


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