Zortook's Army

Zortook’s Army is the crimefighting organization created and run by the extraterrestrial being,Zortook.

Zortook’s Army began from a handful of Fliers passed out at the Paradise Mall in downtown Aeon city. After only 15 people showed up (plus the entire Sci-fi club from the nearby college1), Zortook took the few beings of exceptional ability to form an elite squad, and set about giving the others task conducive to their abilities.2

1 Though they may not be the most able, they have proven to be the most dedicated, and Zortook has put them in charge of communications and engineering. So far they have cobbled together a police radio scanner, much to Zortook’s delight.

2 aside from the Elite Squad and the Engineering team, Zortook’s Army includes several teenagers, two housewives, and the manager of Paradise Mall’s malls hair salon.

Zortook's Army

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